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About Masimo

About Masimo

Masimo: Interior projects & furniture design

Masimo was founded in 1993 by Anton de Groof and is a design company specialized in furniture and interior design. The Masimo furniture collection exists out of tables, coffee tables, cabinets and more, all with the Masimo signature. Next to designing and producing furniture, Masimo designs interiors for shops, offices and the hotel/catering industry.

Furniture design

Masimo furniture is not just furniture, it's functional and sculptural, designed to use and cherish, meant to outlive many changes of season. Products you may never cared to notice appear in a new, archetypal form of way. We like to analyze archetypes of products and put them together with new surprising logic, such as our GEO table.
We try to create products with a magical simplicity. They should tell their own story to the user. Be self- explanatory.
To us, design isn't an intellectual thing. Rather, we retain the primitive urge to decorate, no matter how minimalistic.. Products must be pleasing to the eye.
We believe a geometric sensibility is universal, so we use it. Masimo focuses on innovative construction methods and the use of new materials. We feel that the relationship between both to be essential. And we love working with a family of young designers with bright ideas.
We love the seductive power of images and ideas.

Interior projects

Masimo interior projects include concept, design and realization. We love to create interiors that are a pleasure for the eye, that feel comfortable, and that are right a mix between the recognizable and the innovative.
We have designed the interior for various clothing stores for companies like Scotch and Soda, Artu Napoli and Van Dijk Waalwijk, but have also experience in designing offices, fair stands, and the interior for hotels and bars. Thanks to teaming up with local craftsmen and building companies, we can take care of the complete design process; from first idea sketches to final result with the right look & feel.
The interior designs are recognizable by the Masimo touch and often include custom-made furniture such as wall systems, tables, counters, etc. To complete the initial concept or desired look, Masimo also looks after the soft furnishings, flooring and lighting.

How we work

When creating design concepts for new or existing interiors, we usually take the following steps:

1. Concept Design
This is a visual description of the concept for the interior of your store, hotel or restaurant. It involves a floorplan, routing, moodboard, 3D (artist’s) impression and ideas for colors, materials and furniture.

2. 3D Impression
The concept design is developed on a more detailed level. Accurate 3D impressions of interior and furniture give you an exact idea of how the final design will look like.

3. Corporate Identity
A new interior often goes with a new identity. Based on the interior concept and your logo we can make you a proposal (or a few proposals) for your (new) corporate identity.

4. Technical Drawings

In case of fixed furniture (wall systems, counters, fitting rooms, tables, beds, cabinets, etc.) we make technical drawings so the contractors and suppliers know where and how to place the furniture.
This also counts for soft furnishings, flooring and lighting.

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Veemarktkade 8 - 6117
5222 AE Den Bosch
The Netherlands
T: +31(0)736126070


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